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Spring has Sprung
This week has seen a real step forward on the journey to spring.  The ice went out of Presqu’ile Bay and the roadways and walkways are all clear of .....Full Story
April 11, 2014
Lighthouse Interpretive Centre Open
The Lighthouse Interpretive Centre will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday over the Easter weekend and most other weekends as we move into spring, .....Full Story
April 2, 2014
Ice Volcanoes in The Park
Lots of visitors turned out over the weekend to view the ice volcanoes that have formed this winter along the Lake Ontario shoreline in the Park. .....Full Story
February 3, 2014
Park Loop Road Reopens
The Park loop road, which has been closed due to ice storm damage, will be open again from January 16. The environmental requirements of the Park do .....Full Story
January 15, 2014
Park Loop Road Closed due to Ice Storm
  Damage caused by the recent ice storm means that the loop area of The Park will be closed to traffic until further notice. The gates to the .....Full Story
December 30, 2013

Birding Report The spring bird migration at Presqu’ile Provincial Park is progressing more or less according to expectations.  At this time of year, one or two surprises can be expected, even if not in the category of mega-rarities, and this week has been no exception.  Three TUNDRA SWANS, the only ones this spring, flew past on April 13.  Although most of the waterfowl have moved on, two BLUE-WINGED TEAL, typically a later arriving species, were in Popham Bay with GREEN-WINGED TEAL on April 12.  Four NORTHERN SHOVELERS were in the marsh on the following day.  A pair of CANVASBACKS is lingering
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Birding Report Especially last Monday, migration at Presqu’ile Provincial Park has been in full swing this week, with new species arriving every day.  Most of the land birds are within the expected range of arrival dates, or even a bit later, so mention will be made only of those which have been recorded only once so far.  NORTHERN SHOVELERS have been viewed off Bayshore Road (near #16-18) on Monday and Thursday of this week.  Up to 45 GREEN-WINGED TEAL are being seen in the marsh.  A male RUDDY DUCK was at Salt Point on Monday.  A female WILD TURKEY was near the Park entrance yesterday.  It is
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