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Monarchs and Migrants Weekend
Monarchs and Migrants Weekend August 30-31/2014 The migration season is now underway at Presqu段le and the 30th annual Monarchs and .....Full Story
August 14, 2014
Autumn Comes Early
Despite the beautiful warm weather autumn has come to Presqu段le, or at least fall migration is here. Shorebirds that nest in the arctic .....Full Story
July 25, 2014
Spring has Sprung
This week has seen a real step forward on the journey to spring. The ice went out of Presqu段le Bay and the roadways and walkways are all clear of .....Full Story
April 11, 2014
Lighthouse Interpretive Centre Open
The Lighthouse Interpretive Centre will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday over the Easter weekend and most other weekends as we move into spring, .....Full Story
April 2, 2014
Ice Volcanoes in The Park
Lots of visitors turned out over the weekend to view the ice volcanoes that have formed this winter along the Lake Ontario shoreline in the Park. .....Full Story
February 3, 2014

Birding Report Indicative of the diversity of bird life at Presqu'ile Provincial Park at this time of year is the tally of 145 species in the past two weeks by a single birder who has been camping in the Park. Almost all of those were within the Park boundaries. Inevitably, there are several uncommon birds among them, as indicated below. A SURF SCOTER put in a brief appearance in Presqu'ile Bay and a BLACK SCOTER was seen twice in Popham Bay. Hearing a RUFFED GROUSE drumming at this time of year is unusual, but that did happen yesterday, perhaps stimulated by the summer-like weather. HORNED
.....Full Story
Birding Report Last weekend was an exceptionally good one for migrating birds at Presqu'ile Provincial Park. Well over 100 species have been recorded in the past week, with one group recording 78 species on Sunday. Since then, there have also been a number of interesting sightings. Several birders got a pleasant surprise yesterday when a flock of MUTE SWANS in which a SNOW GOOSE was embedded flew past. A NORTHERN SHOVELER was in the marsh on September 16. A RUDDY DUCK off Gull Island on September 12 was unusual. The first two HORNED GREBES of the season were in Popham Bay yesterday. A
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