25th Anniversary Environmental Fund

Created to provide a dependable, long-term source of funds to preserve and restore the environmental ecology at Presqu'ile Park.

The Need

The people of Ontario are blessed to live in a land gifted with a natural environment so rich and clean, and so accessible. Presqu'ile Park is just minutes away from Brighton, and more importantly, less than 2 hours away from more than 5 million other Ontarians. The enjoyment, the experiences, and the education that the Park offers are a heritage we need to safeguard and pass along to future generations.

The government recognizes the value of Presqu'ile Provincial Park. It manages and funds the Park to meet the goals of the park network. The ability of the Park to manage long-term environment preservation is limited because the short-term demands of park services, education, heritage programs, and infrastructure renewal are all just as important and demanding.

Each year, we lose valuable habitat to invasive and non-native species. We must create a way to protect the delicate ecology of Presqu'ile Park even when short-term demands and issues are also urgent.


The Solution

To celebrate its 25 years of volunteer and financial support to the Park, The Friends have created the 25th Anniversary Environmental Fund to provide a dependable long-term source of funds to preserve and restore the environmental ecology at Presqu'ile Provincial Park.

Since the Fund is managed by The Friends of Presqu'ile Park, it can focus its resources directly on environmental projects regardless of short-term Park fiscal priorities.

Funding will be available for countering the devastating effects of invasive and non-native species, supporting efforts to preserve habitat, and supporting research into the flora and fauna unique to Presqu'ile Park so that we can be better custodians of our natural heritage.


The Fund Mechanics And Restrictions

Recognizing that environmental conservation is an on-going custodianship, the Board of Directors have created this 25 year fund, and our target is $250,000. The money managed in the Fund will be held in investments consistent with its long-term time horizon.

Each year, the income on the Fund, plus 4% of the capital, will be made available by the Board for environmental projects within the Park.

The Fund will be managed as a restricted fund so long as The Friends of Presqu'ile Park are operating and the Fund exceeds $5,000. If the Fund is wrapped up, the proceeds will be used to support other approved projects within Presqu'ile Provincial Park.


Initial And On-Going Funding

As part of The Friends' 25th Anniversary Celebration, the Board of Directors is proud to pledge $25,000 to seed the 25th Anniversary Environmental Fund.

If you share our passion for the preservation and careful management of the natural environment at Presqu'ile, please consider making a donation.

Send your cheque to us at PO Box 1442, Brighton, Ontario, K0K 1H0 (be sure to mark your donation to go towards the 25th Anniversary Environmental Fund).

Or if you wish to pay by credit card click the 'Make a Donation" button on the right which will take you to the Canada Helps link who provides this administrative service for The Friends.

All donations to the Fund are gratefully accepted and an income tax receipt will be issued for donations of $10 or more. Since this Fund is an on-going effort, gifts and donations will be accepted at any time in the future.

If you are considering making a major gift or a bequest, the Board would be pleased to discuss specific project possibilities with you.

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