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Ontario Parks staff will be offering programs this spring and fall.  If you are interested in a staff-led, curriculum based program, please message park staff by clicking here.

You are also welcome to visit Presqu'ile on your own.  Check out the Self Use Resources page for activities.

Our virtual field trips for Grades K,1, 2, 3, 4 & 6 are available here.



Kids 'n Nature is an exciting approach to educational programming that will encourage children to understand and care for our region's rich biodiversity – investigating how ecology works, why biodiversity is important, and why its preservation affects humans individually and collectively.

The Kids 'n Nature program has been developed and funded by The Friends of Presqu'ile Park, in cooperation with Presqu'ile Provincial Park. The program was launched in 2010, the United Nations' International Year of Biodiversity, and it coincided with the completion of the Marsh Boardwalk project.

Our programming explores: food chains, habitat health and interconnectedness, species and habitat sustainability, human benefit, and stewardship.


Program Delivery


Our interpreter can come to your classroom for  indoor and outdoor interactive activities and to prime students for a field trip.  The activities provided can be scheduled for as little as 30 minutes or for up to half a day. Teachers who choose the in-class portion in addition to their in-park visit report a greater depth of experience by their students. 



A group visiting the park can choose to experience a program with our interpreter in the morning, afternoon or evening.  Please allow 2 hours for a program (this includes time to get organized and a bathroom break.)  Groups are welcome to spend the entire day at the park to enjoy lunch before or after the program and participate in a self-guided activity.  



Schools sending two classes to the park on the same day should arrange for one class to experience a program in the morning while the other participates in a self-guided activity.  Classes can then switch in the afternoon.  


Range of Program Topics

The Kids 'n Nature program concentrates on the biodiversity of Presqu'ile Provincial Park, using one of its five habitats as a teaching platform.

Each visit will cover one of the following habitat study areas:

  • the marsh (our most popular location due to the pond study option)
  • the forest (our second most population location)
  • the dunes/tombolo/pannes
  • the meadowlands
  • the lake/beach habitats

The following is a list of grades and topic areas to choose from:

Grade Program Title

Program Description

Kindergarten Caring for Our Environment

Students will identify how they can help plants and animals in the marsh. Pond study or scavenger hunt included.

Grade 1 Characteristics of Living Things

Students will recognize the features of living things and how their habitat meets their needs.  Pond study or scavenger hunt included.

Grade 2 Growth and Changes in Animals

By examining different features of a habitat and specific animal needs, this program will focus on the way humans affect the environment and benefit from an animal’s existence.  Pond study or scavenger hunt included.

Grade 3 Growth and Changes in Plants

Focusing on the many types of plants in a habitat, students will recognize the value of plant life as it provides not only food but shelter, nurseries, protection and clean water for animals.  Pond study or scavenger hunt included.

Grade 4 Habitats and Communities

Students will evaluate the connections between various species in a habitat and identify what makes a habitat healthy.  Involves small group work.  Pond study or scavenger hunt included.

Grade 6 Biodiversity

Living things each have distinctive needs in order to survive.  Students will explore what happens when these needs are no longer met and how this occurs. Pond study or scavenger hunt included.

Grade 7

Interactions in the Environment

In small groups, students will determine what a specific species requires for survival and how it is affected by other species, including humans.  Pond study or scavenger hunt included.


Custom Programs

Home educators, Girl Guides, Scouts and other youth groups are welcome!  If you would like a program designed to your specific needs, or on an evening or weekend date, please contact us via email

Programs are able to be tailored to include different topics and information in order to accommodate your unit and lesson planning. 


Program Cost

While there is no charge for the educational program itself, vehicles entering Presqu'ile will pay the park admission fee.  Buses dropping off classes will still be required to pay admission.  Current rates are $62.50 per school bus.  Two parent vehicles may enter at no cost to accompany the bus.

Groups are responsible for providing their own transportation to, within, and from Presqu'ile Provincial Park. 



Payment for entry to the park is collected upon arrival at the Main Gate.  Cash, debit, cheques and credit cards are accepted at the gate. Cheques should be made payable to "Minister of Finance."


Our Nature Interpreter

Our interpreters are students or graduates with teaching experience and solid in-field knowledge about the Park and its local region. They are supported by Park Staff, facilities, and interpretive material.


Teachers' Testimonials

'Thank you Friends of Presqu'ile!  It is wonderful to be able to offer a quality program to my students at no charge.  I know this program is supported by the volunteer work of The Friends.  Thank you!'

'I loved the in-class visit.  It gave the students a preparation for the Park visit.  The boardwalk was great - lots of great information en route.'

'A fantastic 'hands-on' learning experience.  Our experience was excellent.  We were very pleased with our classroom visit and our visit to the Park.'


How to Book a Program

1) Familiarize yourself with the programs we offer by reading the information above.  More detailed information is available in our downloadable info pack.

2)  Consider your desired program type, topic and location.

3)  Consideration for fall visits:  Please be aware that that waterfowl hunting occurs in isolated areas in the park between September 26 and December 15 on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  Most hunting takes place at dawn and dusk and there is little activity mid day.  The park is open and safe to use on these days but some groups prefer to visit on a Tuesday or Thursday.

4)  To reserve a date: 

  • contact park staff by email

6) Wait for an email to confirm your booking.

7) Book your bus and arrange permissions.  Please note that we are a "High Care Excursion" site for HPEDSB, so you will need superintendent approval for your trip.

8) Arrange how you will pay for the park admission fee - payable on arrival by cash, debit, credit card or cheque.  Cheques should be made payable to "MInister of Finance."

Helpful Resources to Download:

Kids 'n Nature Information - full package - includes driving directions

Kids 'n Nature information poster

Student Trip Information Page to send home

Trip Preparation Information - park rules, what to bring, washrooms, lunch facilities

Safety Information - water, ticks, poison ivy, fall waterfowl hunting

Free Time Activity Suggestions

Park Trail Map

Park Trail Descriptions

Jobes' Woods Trail Guide

Owen Point Trail Guide

Fossil Identification Handout

Activity Page:  Fossils

Activity Page:  History

For inquiries, please contact us via e-mail

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