The Nature Centre

Closed for the season as of October 11, 2022.

The Nature Centre (also known as the "Yellow House" or "Cousins' Cottage") is located along Lighthouse Lane just past the picnic shelter. 

Here you can travel through different habitats of Presqu'ile from the marsh to the forest and through the lake into the old field. Meet some of the animals that call Presqu'ile home and explore their connections to one another and to the park. 

Meet some live animals that live in Presqu'ile including Ben Kerrtle our resident Painted Turtle. Ben was originally kept as a pet, but now he lives at Presqu'ile to help teach visitors about turtles. He was named after the rumrunner Ben Kerr - learn more about him by visiting the Lighthouse Interpretive Centre.

Travel back in time to explore the Ordovician period, discover some of the creatures that would have lived in the area of Presqu'ile 450 million years ago. If you find fossils in the park bring them to the Nature Centre to add to our collection and earn yourself a Fossil Hunter Certificate.  

The Nature Centre is open 7 days a week from Canada Day through to Labour Day. Drop by to chat with one of our enthusiastic interpreters and discover something new about Presqu'ile and the animals who live here.