Self-Use Visitor Resources

The Friends of Presqu'ile Park and Presqu'ile Provincial Park's Discovery Program are working together to provide self-use resources as we are unable to provide in-person interpretive programming at this time. Click on the links below to access printable downloads or web pages.

Trail Guides

Guide to the Walking Trails -  trail map and descriptions printable PDF
Jobes' Woods Trail Guide  - educational information, printable PDF
Owen Point Trail Guide  - educational information, printable PDF


Wildlife Checklists

Download and print these PDF checklists before your visit!  See the kids activities below for pictorial checklists of common species.

Birds of Presqu'ile - Complete List
Birds of Presqu'ile - Most likely birds to be encountered in a given year
Common Birds of Presqu'ile - For beginner birdwatchers
Butterflies of Presqu'ile 
Dragonflies and Damselflies of Presqu'ile 
Mammals of Presqu'ile 
Reptiles and Amphibians of Presqu'ile


Kids' Activities

How to Spend a Day at Presqu'ile with Kids - suggestions for families
Fossil Identification Guide
Forest Scavenger Hunt
Lighthouse Area Scavenger Hunt
Marsh Scavenger Hunt
Photo Scavenger Hunt
Jobes' Woods Trail Activity Pamphlet
Birdwatching Bingo
Winter Scavenger Hunt


Pictorial Nature Checklists

Common Caterpillars of Presqu'ile
Common Butterflies of Presqu'ile

Common Birds of Presqu'ile Checklist

Common Birds of Presqu'ile - Spring
Common Birds of Presqu'ile - Summer
Common Birds of Presqu'ile - Fall
Common Birds of Presqu'ile - Winter




Nature Activity Sheets from the Presqu'ile for Kids Activity Book (printable PDFs)


Monarch Butterflies


Pannes (rare habitat)

Tombolo (park formation)

Lake Ontario

Presqu'ile's Islands (birds)

Presqu'ile's Beach

Lighthouse Activity Sheet 


Local History Activity Sheets from the Brighton and Presqu'ile for Kids History Activity Book (printable PDFs)


1796: Pioneers - The Simpson Family

1802: Town of Newcastle

1804: HMS Speedy - game

1813: War of 1812

1841: Presqu'ile's Lighthouse

1850:  Shipwrecks

1870: Settlement on the Presqu'ile Point

1890: Settlement in Brighton

1920: Presqu'ile Hotel and Pavillion

Conclusion and Glossary

Points of Interest - map


Reading Materials

Nature - read about the formation, plants and wildlife of Presqu'ile 

History - learn about the cultural history of the Presqu'ile area