Our Mandate

Vision:  Where People and Nature Interact

The Friends of Presqu'ile Park view Presqu'ile Provincial Park as a valued and irreplaceable asset that should provide learning, recreational, and conservation opportunities for all. We are an organization that believes above all that the natural heritage of this unique area must be preserved and protected for future generations to enjoy.



The Friends of Presqu'ile Park will work to enhance educational opportunities for park visitors, to provide volunteer assistance for park activities, to provide funding for selected projects, and to promote the objectives of the park and the Friends of Presqu'ile Park in the local area.
The Friends of Presqu'ile Park will not function as an advocacy group.



We Will:
  • Promote the natural assets and history of Presqu'ile Provincial Park
  • Provide learning opportunities for all Park users
  • Actively seek support for the Park
  • Acknowledge and respect the views of Park users
  • Adhere to the policies of Ontario Parks



Through good stewardship we value:
  • Education
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Transparency
  • Volunteerism



The Friends of Presqu'ile Park have adopted strategies that will guide our activities in achieving and fulfilling our mission.  Each strategy will be defined by a number of specific actions that have target dates and responsibilities attached to them.