NEW | Common Tern Update 2023 Common Tern Update 2023 2023 was an exciting year for Common Terns at Presqu’ile Provincial Park. Since 2013, when we started novel management to exclude predators from protected tern breeding areas, this declining colony has stabilized and begun to increase, even in the face of challenges from record high-water levels in Lake Ontario. Over the last three years, this management success has led to a dramatic increase in the size of the tern colony.   The 2023 breeding season built on this success, with 340 nests laid (over twice the number laid last year) and a record number of fledglings leaving the colony (>
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NEW | Park Improvements Report The Park Improvements team has continued to build new picnic tables for the park to replace those that are damaged, destroyed or left to float away. Every year we make 20 – 30 tables. Thanks to helpers Jim, Craig, and Mike. We did renovation to the Amphitheatre building. Some walls were removed, and a new propane storage tank was installed with help from Terry and Bob. The repairs and reorganization have given the Barbecue Team more storage for their new barbecue and other equipment. Terry and Bob and the new propane storage As always, the team has made repairs to various
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NEW | 2023 Bursary Winners The Friends of Presqu’ile Park offer two bursaries to deserving seasonal staff members who intend to continue their post-secondary or skilled trades education. The aim of the bursaries is two-fold – to recognize outstanding young people who work in the park and to encourage continuing education. Once again, this year, there were several deserving candidates, making the Awards Committee’s job even more challenging. However, two students stood out.         Student Bursary winner Ida Mackey with Friends Chair Terry Buchkowsky Student Bursary Winner Ida
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NEW | Piping Plovers Breed Again at Presqu'ile! This plover season has been an interesting one to say the least! I wanted to provide a final 2023 plover season update and say thank you to all those who helped out this year or for just following along. Overall, in Ontario we only had three nests make it to hatch this season – producing a total of five fledglings. Excitingly three of these five fledglings came from a nest around Presqu’ile Provincial Park! Chewie and Saga nested in a restricted area, so we kept their nest quiet while they incubated. Once the nest hatched on June 19th the three  chicks headed out on to
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NEW | Party in the Park 2023 marks the 35th Anniversary of the Friends of Presqu’ile Park. We received our charitable registration in February 1988. Since that time, hundreds of volunteers have contributed millions of dollars of time and material support to the park. Our focus has always been to enhance the park experience for visitors through educational, environmental, and park improvement projects. What better way to celebrate this anniversary than to have a Party in the Park! It was touch and go whether the dance on July 29th would get off the ground, but around 3:00 the skies cleared up and we got the okay
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NEW | Life Membership Award Recipient 2023 Congratulations to Bev Cook, who received our Life Membership Award at our Annual General Meeting on June 3. Bev, who helped plan the event, was taken by surprise when Chair Phil McRae added the presentation of the award to the end of the meeting. Bev has shown an unfailing commitment to improving our organization and is thus very deserving of this award. She has been a key player in keeping our policies and procedures up to date, facilitating our planning processes, and establishing our student bursary program. Bev currently volunteers with the Friends as the Chair of our Communications
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NEW | 2023 Fundraising Projects The Friends of Presqu’ile have many sources of funding. There are membership dues, grants, and donations. Some donations go to special funds, such as the Environmental Fund which covers some of our ecology projects. Some donations cover direct costs for items such as our raffle prizes or equipment. Some grants help to subsidize the staffing costs for the park's Discovery Program. For the rest of our expenses, we rely on a variety of fundraising projects. These projects also help to raise awareness about the Friends and our programs. Here are the fundraising projects we ran in the summer
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Discovery Program Update Another busy summer season has come and gone, it feels like just yesterday that we were hiring and preparing for the summer season. It’s been a busy summer for Discovery, but we aren’t finished yet! The Nature Centre remains open on Saturdays until Thanksgiving weekend, and we are offering a program each Saturday until Thanksgiving as well. Our very popular winter walks will also take place this winter so stay tuned for more details. Before our Discovery programs we often ask visitors if they have visited Presqu’ile before and if they have ever attended a Discovery program. This
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